It's not about me: experiencing the joy of motherhood in putting your kids first.
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It’s Not About Me

Several months after our first baby was born, I found myself thinking that she was in my way. I had lists and agendas and time tables, and if her nap schedule was off, or she was teething or sick,…

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Lay-on-the-couch parenting & recent reads

Does anybody else go in phases of reading all the time or not reading at all? I do. I am not the disciplined read 30-minutes a night, finish a couple books a month girl. Rather, I tend to read…

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First day of Preschool

Oh hey there long lost blog friends. The fact that I haven’t posted in 5 weeks can only mean one thing. This season is one of sparse blogging. Maybe when more of my children can feed themselves and wipe…

Check out this simple + fun way for kids to practice spelling and reading their sight words.
Tot School

Using Magnetic Letters to Practice Sight Words

Several months ago, I started working through This Reading Mama’s Reading the Alphabet Curriculum with our 3 year old. (Get it for FREE here.) It’s designed for preschoolers, so she’s a little young, but she expressed so much interest in…

A complete review of YNAB: you need a budget, our favorite online budgeting tool. YNAB gives you the option of tracking things manually or connecting to your account. Using YNAB fixed our budgeting problems once and for all!!!!

YNAB Review: You Need a Budget

A little over a year ago, I wrote a detailed review and tutorial of how to use EveryDollar, Dave Ramsey’s new budgeting tool. Initially, Ben and I really liked it But, over time, there were too many things that we…

So that is really the only reason I'm posting this. As a statement of solidarity. To acknowledge that I "get it." That I somehow simultaneously empathize with and cannot fathom the grief and fear and pain that she feels when there is a news story about yet another unnecessary life taken from a man that reminds her of her family. When I attempt to put myself in your shoes, dear sister... when I think about my brother and my dad and my husband and try to imagine fearing for their lives while they walk around their neighborhoods or get pulled over for speeding or or or, I feel sick with grief.
Faith Random

In response to the Letter to White Christian Women

I have remained silent on social media and this blog about the shootings of last week mostly because I couldn’t translate all the heaviness and grief I felt into words. At the prompting of some black friends’ social media…

Here 4 FREE printables to help make meal planning simpler. Whether you plan by the week, or month, one of these will be helpful for you!
Keepin' House Money

Meal Planning Calendars Galore

I used to be a music teacher, which means I’m secretly (or not-so-secretly) a huge dork. I combined my dorky love for spreadsheets + grocery planning to make these 4 handy dandy printable meal planning calendars. They’re FREE!! Hopefully they’ll…

Favorite Friday [Kitchen Edition]: These are a few of my favorite things for the kitchen!
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Friday Favorites [Kitchen Edition]

I really like cooking. Cooking for my family, cooking for other people, baking, trying new recipes, making old faves, drooling over food blogs. In all my cooking adventures and rental house/ apartment kitchens, I’ve decided that instead of registering…