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Bless My Heart

I never was one for the phrase “bless my heart” until I became a mother. And as our first has gotten ‘older’ (she’s 3 1/2), I just can’t help it sometimes.  She spiked a high…

Mother's Day Gift Guide: everything from cheesy kid gifts to nice-things-to-do-for-her to amazon to pick-it-up-on-your-way-over... 65 ideas for awesome Mother's Day Gifts!
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I like any excuse to give someone a gift. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Arbor Day. Whatever. I like thinking of gift ideas, picking things out, wrapping them in cute ways, delivering them…


Life Lately #9 :April

I can’t believe it’s already May! Each day drags on and on at this point because, ya know, of my ‘condition.’ 😉 But then I look back and the past 2 months have flown…

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A Bundle of Goodies

So I heard about this thing called “ultimate bundles” about 6 months ago or so. I signed up to be an affiliate, meaning I’d get a commission on referring people to the bundles. The…

Learning to create margin in our life, say ‘no’ when necessary, say 'yes' to help, slow down, and allow more time. Learning to leave some white space on the edges and the inbetweens. The space makes room for grace and for us to all be thriving together as a family instead of driving each other crazy.
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Parenting with Margin

The other day, I had 15 minutes by myself on the way to somewhere else and thought: perfect, just enough time to stop at Aldi and grab the 5 things on our grocery list.…

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Please don’t leave: life lately #8

Hi. I’m here. We’re here. Are you there? It’s been a few weeks since I posted – my longest gap in the last several months since taking this whole hobby-blogging thing more seriously as…

Doing these 50 small things will save you $10,000 this year!

Ways to Save $10,000 This Year

As part of our journey to get out of debt, I have been trying to figure out ways to save money without a.) eating exclusively rice & beans or b.) moving into a 1 or…

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What a Newborn Really Needs

I’ve been working on Emma’s baby book. And by “I’ve been working,” I mean… I started yesterday because it’s on my things-to-do-before-baby-3-comes list. (Emma is 21 months old. Better late than never.) #winning #lifegoals  ANYWAY, I…