Favorite Friday [Kitchen Edition]: These are a few of my favorite things for the kitchen!
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Friday Favorites [Kitchen Edition]

I really like cooking. Cooking for my family, cooking for other people, baking, trying new recipes, making old faves, drooling over food blogs. In all my cooking adventures and rental house/ apartment kitchens, I’ve decided that instead of registering…

do you guys ever fight!? she asked ... it took me aback. I realized I couldn't think of the last time we fought. The more I thought about it, the more i wanted to figure it out. Why don't we fight anymore? tunemyheartblog.com

Do You Guys Ever Fight!?

I get together with a few other moms every month to talk about life, laugh, cry, share feelings, drink wine, pray. Ya know. Mom friend stuff. And recently, one of the moms asked me half-jokingly-but-not-really, “do you guys ever…

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So, we had another baby {again}

If you know me personally or follow my instagram/ facebook accounts, you’ve been scandalously bombarded with ridiculous numbers of pictures of our newest family member. I have no shame. But, I wanted to make it ‘blog official,’ since this…

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Bless My Heart

I never was one for the phrase “bless my heart” until I became a mother. And as our first has gotten ‘older’ (she’s 3 1/2), I just can’t help it sometimes. She spiked a high fever 2 days ago so…

Mother's Day Gift Guide: everything from cheesy kid gifts to nice-things-to-do-for-her to amazon to pick-it-up-on-your-way-over... 65 ideas for awesome Mother's Day Gifts!
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I like any excuse to give someone a gift. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Arbor Day. Whatever. I like thinking of gift ideas, picking things out, wrapping them in cute ways, delivering them in fun ways… all of…


Life Lately #9 :April

I can’t believe it’s already May! Each day drags on and on at this point because, ya know, of my ‘condition.’ 😉 But then I look back and the past 2 months have flown by. So, that’s nice. Hopefully…

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A Bundle of Goodies

So I heard about this thing called “ultimate bundles” about 6 months ago or so. I signed up to be an affiliate, meaning I’d get a commission on referring people to the bundles. The first couple bundles came and…

Doing these 50 small things will save you $10,000 this year! #1 - stop buying cards. Here are some ideas for sending beautiful snail mail on the cheap :)

Stop Buying Cards [Save $10,000 This Year #3]

This is the third post in an ongoing series about how to save $10,000 this year. You can find all the posts here. Let it be known that I love handwritten notes. I have a little box full of some…

Doing these 50 small things will save you $10,000 this year! One idea - skip gifts with your spouse for a whole year and save at least $500. Here are some alternatives to expensive gift-giving.

Skip Spouse Gifts for a Year [Save $10,000 This Year #2]

This is the second post in an ongoing series about how to save $10,000 this year. You can find all the posts here. If you’re accustomed to exchanging extravagant gifts with your spouse, skipping gifts for a year may seem extreme.…